Rose/deJong is celebrating its 30th anniversary.  Take a stroll with us down memory lane to see the origins of the firm and where Rose/deJong is going. 

When Rose & deJong started 30 years ago Founding Partner, Douglas Rose, still had a head of hair as shown above.

Rob deJong is shown above riding into Milwaukee for the first time.
Eventually a brave soul joined the firm.  Victor Plantinga.

Rose/deJong  was joined by another attorney who wishes to remain Anonymous.

Christina Ruud, Cate Heerey, and Kaitlynn Ebben eventually joined the firm.  Pictured above is the earliest known photo of them.   Who is whom you ask?  Anyone’s guess.

Seen here is the only known photo of our maritime expert, Tom Lonzo.  

You might be thinking to yourself “why the heck is there a picture of the Brewers from 1982 on this?”  Well you would be wrong.  That is the rest of Rose/deJong.  The Bullpen.  You have Neal, Mitch, Andrew, Brendan, Jen, Michele, Laura and Dave.  Not pictured are Ann and Rick because at the time of this photo they played for the St. Louis Car…. didn’t work here.

Over the last 30 years, Rose/deJong has developed into a unique, quirky, but professional environment.  We handle our clients’ matters with the utmost care and respect.   Rose/deJong prides itself on its culture. A team that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  A team that you can actually talk to like a friend or a family member.

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