Insurance Law

Rose & deJong specializes in insurance and related claims. This includes both direct claims by our clients as their own insurance carrier, and indirect claims by our clients against others who have insurance coverage. Common direct claims include such things as accident losses, fire losses, uninsured and underinsured automobile claims, and construction accident claims. Indirect claims include such things are professional malpractice claims, automobile accident claims against an insured third party, and construction defect claims.

The firm has handled a number of first party bad faith insurance claims, resulting in significant multimillion dollar verdicts. These types of bad faith insurance claims are direct claims by the client against its own insurance carrier, and involve circumstances where the insurance carrier has failed or refused to handle the claim properly, has failed or refused to make prompt payment, or has failed to reasonably investigate the claim being made.

Construction of insurance policy language, and the various exclusions and endorsements to insurance policies, is a difficult and complex area of the law that requires special knowledge and expertise. Our attorneys have the requisite experience and expertise to pursue these claims successfully, so that we can achieve great results for our clients.

Attorneys In This Practice Area

Douglas Rose

Thomas Lonzo

Lora LoCoco