Litigation, Trials, and Dispute Resolution

Through decades of practice, Rose & deJong has established an outstanding reputation as a firm of excellent trial lawyers with litigation experience before a variety of state and federal courts and administrative agencies. The scope of our practice includes such diverse areas as real estate and construction litigation, class action defense, employment law, insurance law (including bad faith litigation), personal injury litigation, intellectual property litigation, and probate and inheritance litigation. Rose & deJong attorneys engage in a team approach, which allows client to retain a premier team of lawyers and professionals dedicated to achieving the highest results without incurring unreasonable costs.

Business and Commercial Litigation

Business disputes are an unfortunate reality of prolonged business activity. Often times these disputes result in an extraordinary drain on company time and capital. Proper management of these disputes is therefore of paramount importance in order to navigate the evermore complex business landscape.

At Rose & deJong, we have a strong track record of success in Business and Commercial litigation, and our attorneys have developed a strong reputation for their incredible depth of knowledge and innovative litigation strategy. We rely on these assets and the personal relationships we cultivate with our clients to help achieve the results necessary to keep their businesses growing and to set policies which will allow those businesses to move forward without the concern of being continuously and needlessly bogged down by lingering issues.

Class Action Defense

Rose & deJong class action defense attorneys combine their command of the rules and procedures regarding class actions with knowledge of the substantive areas of underlying law to create a defense strategy with one principle in mind: cost-efficiency. We bring our considerable resources to bear in dealing with such complex litigation with an eye towards not only liability but towards determining and executing a plan that will minimize damage to their company and most expediently extricate our clients from being mired in months or years of unnecessary and costly litigation.

Employment Litigation

Recognizing the complex legal challenges of employment litigation, our practice combines experienced trial attorneys and the strong practical skills and industry knowledge of attorneys in related areas. This interdisciplinary approach ensures clients receive cutting edge counsel on the increasingly specialized issues in this area. Rose & deJong attorneys have successfully handled employment disputes at both the federal and state level, including actions filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Wisconsin Wage Claim Statute. Clients can feel confident that their attorneys at Rose & deJong have the experience to provide the best and most cost-effective representation in these disputes.

Insurance Coverage Analysis and Litigation

Rose & deJong has developed a strong and important area of concentration in insurance coverage litigation and analysis. Our attorneys have successfully represented insured clients in coverage matters both in state and federal court and at multiple levels of appeal. Clients faced with a denial or limited payment on claims by their insurer turn to Rose & deJong to fight for their interests through negotiation and formal litigation means including the assertion of bad faith claims against insurers. We work personally with our clients to protect their rights and resolve disputes efficiently and effectively, and we offer our clients innovative and practical legal strategies and solutions that keep the client’s business goals in mind.

Personal Injury

The personal injury attorneys at Rose & deJong understand that the events surrounding the need for a personal injury lawyer are generally unexpected, stressful and often times tragic. Whether it’s a car accident, slip and fall, or something else we have the expertise to help at every stage of the process.

What makes our firm different from many other personal injury firms is the personal relationship you will develop with the attorney working on your case. They will be available to explain the process to you as it moves forward and to answer your questions so that you will have the comfort of understanding your case. Our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to know when to fight the insurance companies and when to push for settlement.

Real Estate and Construction Litigation

At Rose & deJong, our team has the experience and expertise required to handle any issue in this increasingly specialized area. Our clients appreciate our ability to handle issues ranging from everyday construction liens and landlord/tenant problems to more sophisticated real estate disputes, including disputes under the Wisconsin Unfair Trade Practices Act and the Wisconsin Home Improvement Act, and complex construction defect actions.

Because of our collective range of experience, one team of attorneys can tackle issues from every angle, addressing all legal aspects of a particular project from land acquisition to development and construction to claims advice and any area in between.

Attorneys In This Practice Area

Douglas Rose

Jennifer Geller Baumann

Thomas Lonzo

Victor Plantinga

Lora LoCoco

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