Appellate Law

The attorneys at Rose & deJong understand that appellate litigation is distinctive and requires an experienced approach to prevail. It not only necessitates a thorough understanding of the law and its interplay with the issue at hand, but an ability to craft a concise and articulate brief that persuades a panel of judges that there is simply no other way to find on a particular issue.

The attorneys handling your appeal will approach your matter with expertise that can only be gained by handling multiple appeals in front of both state and federal courts of appeal, including numerous appearances in front of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

And because an appeal is often decided long before the appeal itself is ever filed, our firm takes great care in maintaining a flawless record at all stages of litigation. We are also available for consultation with trial counsel on proper record preservation. Our approach is designed to maximize your chances for success should your issue require a decision at the appellate level.

Attorneys In This Practice Area

Douglas Rose

Jennifer Geller Baumann

Thomas Lonzo

Victor Plantinga

Lora LoCoco

Alan Mazzulla