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The year 2020 has already told us that if there is one constant in life, it is change. That definitely includes business and finances. And when change is rampant, and the horizon is difficult to find, your business and you, personally, need to think three steps ahead to stay on top. And to do that, you need qualified professionals to help you make sure the right decisions are being made at each juncture. The law can be a friend or a foe, we can help you deal with both.

COVID-19 Resources

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Rose & deJong has analyzed the current issues facing our clients and can help find solutions. Visit our COVID-19 Resource page to learn more.

​Rose & deJong has the necessary experience and expertise to make sure you succeed. Our unique mix of two teams, corporate and litigation, work closely together to help our clients navigate through rough waters; accounts receivable, accounts payable, bankruptcies, receiverships, preference payments, cash flow management. When you need to get aggressive, our litigators will get results in Court. When you are in a position to take advantage of the playing field with strategic moves, our corporate specialists are there to diagram the best plays.

Whether you are looking for opportunities, struggling with accounts payable, wanting to protect your personal assets, or simply looking for a way to survive – we know the issues you are facing, and we have helped our clients through all of it. Our Business Crisis Management Team is prepared to meet your needs.

As our clients are being faced with the overwhelming challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage them to look to our team for crisis planning. Our Business Crisis Management Team at Rose & deJong helps businesses by developing a step by step strategy. Our expertise in the following areas have proven helpful to those clients attempting to survive a downturn:

  • Interpreting contracts and providing strategic advice
  • Using the court system to protect and enforce rights
  • Resolving shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Acquiring or selling a distressed business
  • Dealing with employees and employment agreements; non-competes; confidentiality agreements, etc.
  • Using creditors rights protections; state receiverships; Chapter 11
  • Negotiating with lenders and other secured creditors
  • Real estate matters – landlord-tenant issues, sale and purchase, refinancing and workouts
  • Complying with corporate governance, board matters and shareholder rights

Our attorneys work together, with each attorney bringing a unique skill set to the workout team. With our experience representing small to middle market companies in all stages and situations we are able to proactively work with clients to manage legal costs while executing an effective, well-rounded plan.

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