I knew Henry Russo would be a good lawyer the first time I heard him argue about sports.  After seeing Henry’s work as a talented, hardworking lawyer for the past three years, I know Henry will be a great sports writer and podcaster.  Recently,  Henry told me that he has decided to take his passion for sports and turn it into a career. 

Henry will be missed but does leave a legacy for our firm.  As a first year associate, Henry single-handedly took our completely dysfunctional law clerk program and turned it into, I believe, one of the strong points of our firm.  Henry took an approach that helps us find great clerks who become top-notch associates and now our firm has become a destination for talented law students.  Henry’s insight was that we should not just look for academic accolades but actually focus on personalities that would work well with our team approach to the practice of law, showing emotional intelligence, drive and a modicum of humility.  Rare attributes in our profession.

Henry is taking his talents to sports writing and podcasting and once it is live, I will post a link here.  His focus is broad-ranging with a strong Wisconsin sports tilt.  He’s starting from scratch and making a big bet on himself.  But when it comes to Henry, always take the over.  I’ve even heard a rumor that a top-notch law firm with cool but currently underutilized offices has signed up as Henry’s first sponsor.

Henry’s leaving hurts.  But, as with many of our clients, we have to applaud anyone who is willing to take risks, particularly those who bet on themselves.    We’ll miss you, Henry, and wish you all the best.